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About Lund

Welcome To A New Era

Why Pay More Than You Need To?

Like many others in the equestrian world, we grew tired of dealing with the retail pricing of any decent quality leather strap goods. Lund Saddlery was formed with the singular belief that top quality, high end leather tack could be provided to the customer for pricing that presents value.

How Do We Do This?

We simplify the supply-chain, eliminating multiple profit-takers, providing you with high quality product for a reasonable price.

Depending on the brand, we estimate that there are 4 to 5 profit taking fingers in the pie before that beautiful bridle is in the hands of the rider.

Our unique approach, professional contacts and simplified structure allow Lund to bypass every middleman standing between you and our products. Other than the manufacturer, we are the only entity with hands on the product which truly makes the Lund brand as close to manufacturer direct as you can get.

Our manufacturing specification is simple,
“Equal to or better than the best brands in the business”

Our entire start to finish process includes input from professionals and product-testing riders with decades of experience. This combination of rider input on design, fit, comfort and durability coupled with our buying & marketing program is further complimented by our use of the best manufacturers and materials available.

Combined, all of this enables Lund to come forward with a line of well thought out, tried and tested high quality products at a very attractive price point.

We hope that our efforts will provide you with an on-line buying experience that will be “what you see is exactly what you get” and what we truly believe is absolute value for your money.