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Flash Bridle, H/J Series


  • Build Your Bridle
  • Courier delivery in 6 to 10 days, worldwide
  • English bridle leather
  • Lund bridle bag included
  • Comes with 3 sets of cheek pieces[aelia_currency_selector_widget title="Select Currency" widget_type="buttons"]
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Quality Details:

– Price includes courier delivery (DHL/Fedex)
– Lund bridle bag included
– Every Lund bridle comes with 3 sets of cheeks (Cob, Horse and OS)
– English bridle leather, Australian nut
– Italian backer and padding leathers
– Contoured monocrown design
– Excellent fit and poll comfort
– Generous Eva rubber padding throughout
– Square raised panels with fancy stitching
– Cleans and conditions beautifully
– Premium cream color leather stitching
– All leather edges are machine burnished
– All stitching done by computer controlled application
– Solid stainless steel hardware throughout
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Cob, Horse, Oversize

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Cob, Horse, Oversize

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Cob, Horse, Oversize

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Cob, Horse, Oversize

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Cob, Horse, Oversize

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